Our story

After more than 15 years spent working in the private sector, I felt like it was time for me to go back to what really made sense and change my professionnal future by working with my forever passion, animals. I successfully completed the training courses in feline and canine behaviour and I am now convinced I found the right path.

Our commitment to abandoned dogs

What we love most within Happy Paws is a beautiful story with a happy ending. By adopting Jack in December 2016 and then Simone in August 2020 we got to know more about he very difficult condition of stray dogs in Southern Europe and especially in Greece. We chose to help the «Aidons les Animaux – Help a Greek Stray» shelter, managed by three volunteers in a small Peloponnese village. We have fostered, helped and followed many abandoned dogs towards their forever home in Belgium and Europe. The heart of Happy Paws beats for beautiful stories and adoptions. Should you wish to adopt a shelter dog, we would love to help!